Joseph Leonard bought the farm in 1840’s, since then Thomas, Leroy, Claude, Winston, and myself Steven (6th generation) have farmed the land. Raised different types of animals, dairy farm at one point in time, grown several varieties of crops over the years

Berksire pigs  now are   raised for meat, they also make excellent pet's 
As you can see in photo of meat the color is much darker than other pork. Please take a min. and read up on the meat from this breed of hogs

In 2015 we started a strawberry field 2000 plants along with raspberry plants , potatos , tomato's , pumpkin’s 

Hopefully someday my two daughters Claire and Ana will operate the farm.


​One for the girls 

We grow our potato s in hay/straw .

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Meadowview Farm  Leonard Homestead since1840's