Restored the orginal  bath tub keeping the heritage alive.

Girls and I blanching corn last fall for the freezer

Meadowview Farm  Leonard Homestead since1840's



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     We use no commercial pesticides (bug killer)   

  The only crop that gets
 fertilized is the sweet corn; we have tried to grow without fertilizers, with poor results such as half cob's or no cob’s.

strawberries and raspberries have no commercial fertilizers used nor do the potatoes, tomatoes or pumpkins.

strawberries may be ready by mid-May until September or first heavy frost

 We operate on an honor system; fruit's and veggies are on a stand out by the road.
A price list is on a chalk board, and a "cash can" to pay. There may be someone around to help you, if not help yourself and pay please!

Berkshire pigs are being raised for meat or pets. They receive soya bean meal as main feed along with hay and a splash of molasses on the hay for a treat and natural disease prevention and cure all.
They also get veggies and fruit’s.

The Berkshire are really friendly easy to raise, so if you have an area you’re sick of cutting the grass one of them and a bit of fence will keep the grass cut, at end of season you will have the tastiest pork meat there is .

Our farm also grow's hay, we store small square bales of hay to sell. In the big barn seen in back ground.

My daughter's and I take pride in providing an excellent produce.

Just 20 min. North of 401 on RD 38 Boyce Rd is in Hartington between Harrowsmith and Verona see contact page for map.

Come on out enjoy the country air, if the berries’ are plentiful then you can pick your own, corn as well.

​We hope to see you this summer       


​Dayneautral strawberrie's